We offer 3 possibilities for you to enjoy a pleasant stay with us :

Gourmet meal (VIP)
Bisto area
Snacking area
Please find all the info needed below :

To our VIP, you would like to enjoy a meal in one of the nicest place in le Touquet, please try our restaurant “Opale Corner”

Our VIP restaurant ensures a fabulous day out at Le Touquet Equestrian Park. Genuine French cuisine, nice place, beautiful decoration, wines and Champagne….With great views of the Main Grass Arena and Sand Arena, your guests can relax in style and enjoy great food for lunch as all the action unfolds before them. We take bookings from guests and more.

Book your table by filling out this VIP booking form :

Billetterie Weezevent


If you have any questions or dietary requirements please, send an e-mail to :



If you wish to eat outside, more simple food, why don’t you try our bistro ? No need to book. Just come and enjoy !


For finger food and refreshment, please try our snacking area

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage (France)
Vent : 4.5 km/h
Humidité : 84%